I My Pillow

Perfect Comfort

My Pillow’s[™] new advanced technology memory foam is the secret. We’ve engineered a lighter, more supportive foam that sleeps the way you sleep. Perfect fit. The Contour Décor pillow is ergonomically engineered for all sleepers. Its unique dual-sided design provides two sleeping platforms; flat or sculpted.

Why I My Pillow?

Advanced Generation Memory Foam. Softer, more supple & is less HeatSensitive so it does not retain heat like most other memory foam productsThe cover is made from an exquisite Brushed-Velour, Teddy Bear-like fabric which makes the pillow feel like no other pillowPillow Perfectly Fits in Standard Pillow ShamMachine Washable Cover Hypo Allergenic and Stain RepellantSuper soft cover for cooler, more comfortable sleepHypoallergenic and antimicrobialUnique dual-sided design for all sleeping positionsAdvanced memory foam reduces pressure points between shoulders, neck and back

Cool Tech

Gel layer molded seamlessly into memory foam to provide a cool sleep. Keeps the head and neck in proper alignment, reducing movement and increasing muscle relaxation. Reversible two in one pillow. Avoid pillow flipping and get a better night sleep.

Cool Tech Curve

We have taken our CoolTech pillow to the next level with an added comfort curve. The ergonomic concave curve is designed for side or back sleepers. Intelligently designed cooling panels, strong modern stitching, and a cooling layer of gel make this pillow the most technologically advanced pillow that BedTech offers. If you’re interested in finding out more about BedTech’s famous proprietary CoolTech line of pillows, contact a local dealer today, and put your head on one. You won’t want to get up.

Green Tea Herbal Infused Pillow

Green Tea Infused Memory Foam
Green tea extract is a natural deodorizer. Infusing green tea extract reduces the amount of chemical-based ingredients used during the production process producing a pillow with all of the great benefits and properties of a conventional memory foam cluster pillow without the unpleasant odor